During COVID-19 campus closures,
DxR Development stands ready to help.

Contact DxR Sales about special trial subscriptions* for our most popular online virtual patient simulation software:
DxR Clinician, VirtualPT Clinician, and DxR Nursing SELECT.

*Special COVID-19 pricing available in the US and 3-month trials through our Asian distributor, DxR Asia Pacific.

Healthcare Education Products

Critical-thinking, virtual patient simulations, interactive learning modules, and online testing tools for healthcare education.


DxR Development Group creates problem-based learning software that reveals the critical-thinking and clinical decision-making skills of students in the healthcare professions. And we’ve been doing it longer than just about anybody.

  • Keep it real: Our DxR-series products challenge students to reason through a wide range of clinical scenarios based on real patient data.
  • Learning by doing: Our products encourage self-directed student learning in a safe environment.
  • Get inside your students’ heads: Powerful reporting and assessment tools paint a clear picture so faculty members can pinpoint students’ problem-solving strengths and weaknesses.
  • Our products are used in universities and hospitals around the world in educating future doctors, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, physical therapists, nurses, and chiropractic professionals.
  • Our Web-based applications are tablet-compatible, so students can learn virtually anywhere!

Learn more about our most popular titles!

Problem-based learning virtual patient cases and assessment tools for medical schools, nurse practitioner, and physician assistant programs.
For assessing and evaluating healthcare profession students’ competency prior to licensure

Interactive virtual patient case simulations for undergraduate nursing education

Critical-thinking software for physical therapy students
Interactive case studies for chiropractic education

Integrated Medical/Healthcare Curriculum — media-rich courses for healthcare profession students.

DxR CORE: Courseware and Test Delivery