Clinical Competency Examination (CCX)

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Software tools designed to work with standardized patients and/or with ‘paper’ clinical cases

DxR Group Clinical Competency ImageThe Clinical Competency Exam (CCX) is an integrated suite of tools for examining and evaluating a students’ clinical reasoning process. CCX can be used at all levels of student expertise. Diagnostic exercises can begin with a printed form of patient information, a DxR Clinician case, or a Standardized Patient encounter. CCX works with them all.

CCX collects input from the student and automatically compares details of his or her reasoning process with the instructor’s standards. Instructors reviewing student records find knowledge gaps and remediation needs.

Watch a brief introduction to see how DxR CCX can help you evaluate students’ critical thinking skills.


Three Powerful Evaluation and Examination Components

CCX Record Utility (RU)

  • Organizes and displays the data collected from the CCX exam and, if collected, from Standardized Patient feedback. Individual examinee performance is also compared to group performance.
  • The data can be exported into a spreadsheet application such as Excel® for further analysis.

CCX Criteria & Performance Utility (CPU)

  • Designed to help you gain access into an examinee’s probelm-solving ability by allowing you to create the grading standards and identify the key items. Examinees must document throughout their clinical investigation.
  • The CPU creates the Case Template ready to be installed on the computers where examinees will access it.

Multicase Performance Utility (MCP)

  • Instructors may use the data gathered and evaluated in the Multicase Performance Utility to assess performance in individual skill areas and across a range of cases.


“The CCX Program helped prepare me for the USMLE Step 2 CK (Clinical Knowledge). This program is an excellent prep tool. I have never been more comfortable taking an exam as I did Step 2 CK because I had been using CCX since the first week of medical school.”

Caren Schaecher

DxR Clinical Competency Exam Screen Shots