DxR Clinician

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Patient Simulations to Build Clinical Skill

DxR Clinician is a powerful way to build clinical acumen. Real patients have been adapted to over one hundred interactive virtual encounters, covering a broad range of clinical problems in adult and pediatric medicine. Clinician is being used in medical and nursing schools all over the world, and is now being adapted for schools of chiropractic medicine and physical therapy.

Students can interview the patient, do exams, and choose from a complete list of modern imaging, labs, and diagnostic procedures. They record hypotheses and test interpretations and ultimately make diagnoses and plan treatment. All of this is supported by sophisticated scoring tools.

Watch a brief introduction to see how DxR Clinician can help your students develop critical thinking skills.

DxR Clinician DEMO

Features for Faculty

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  • Detailed scoring and comparison to peers
  • Customization of case flow and scoring
  • Question authoring tool
  • Online backup and secure access for student results
  • Case authoring is available to modify or create cases

Features for Students

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  • Cross-platform and tablet compatibility
  • Realistic exams and labs, including video and audio
  • Over 650 available diagnostic studies
  • Expert discussions of important clinical points
  • Detailed feedback on performance

DxR Clinician is available in Spanish, Japanese, and Chinese through our international distributors.


DxR Clinician virtual patient problem-solving case studies have been used in medical schools, nurse practitioner programs, and physician assistant programs across the United States, as well as in several other countries. Here’s what some of our customers say about DxR Clinician:

 “We have learned a lot about our students’ abilities and even more about our curriculum by looking at the results of these exams. DxR Clinician is a very powerful analytical tool. “

Carol F. Whitfield, PhD
Associate Professor, Cellular Molecular Biology
Penn State University College of Medicine


Using the DxR Clinician software, our students begin developing clinical problem-solving skills in the first weeks of medical school. As students work through the cases, they learn about important diagnoses. DxR Clinician’s evaluation software identifies common errors in their work-ups, allowing faculty members to address these issues directly with the students.

Richard DiCarlo, MD
Assistant Dean, Office of Medical Education
Associate Professor, Section of Infectious Diseases
Louisiana State University School of Medicine