DxR Nursing SELECT

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Simulations to Enhance Learning and Evaluate Critical Thinking

Nursing is full of critical decisions. To make them, nurses need clinical reasoning skills they can’t learn from textbooks. That’s where
DxR Nursing SELECT offers them an edge. Virtual patients bring the process to life, allowing nursing students to assess, diagnose, develop care plans, and evaluate client progress, with real-time feedback and scoring to hone their skills.

Watch the video to see how DxR Nursing SELECT can help your students develop critical thinking skills.

Tablet Compatible

Features for Faculty

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  • Cases include pediatric and adult health, medical/surgical, obstetrics, geriatrics, and palliative care
  • Automated scoring and reporting
  • Assign cases for individual or group study
  • Built-in tools for peer comparisons
  • Identify students who need you the most

Features for Students

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  • Electronic chart with history, test results and orders
  • Complete virtual physical exam options
  • Full NANDA* Nursing Diagnoses
  • Immediate feedback for self-study
  • Expert commentary on key issues
  • Compatible with iPad®

*Nursing Diagnoses – Definitions and Classification 2015-2017© NANDA International. Used by arrangement with Blackwell Publishing, a company of John Wiley & Sons, Inc.