About Us

Who We Are

  • DxR Development Group, Inc. was founded in 1992 by Professor Hurley Myers and Dr. Kevin Dorsey of the Southern Illinois University Medical School, and software engineer Eldon Benz. Myers served as President and CEO until his death in April of 2020. Benz is semi-retired but is still consulting and engineering and sits on the Board of Directors, while Dr. Dorsey has returned to academia.
  • Our roots are in medical education software, and we’ve quickly expanded to develop applications for pharmaceutical companies, non-profit organizations, and other healthcare-related organizations. More recently, we’ve moved into online testing and training, Website design and development, and business application development.
  • DxR Development Group virtual patient software is used around the globe, particularly in Asia. Our partners — Chun Shin Limited and DxR Asia-Pacific — distribute DxR Clinician, DxR Nursing SELECT, Clinical Competency Exam, and VirtualPT Clinician in both English and Chinese. DxR Clinician is also available in Japanese.
  • DxR Development Group is a great place to work! About half of our staff has been with DxR for more than 15 years, serving our academic and business clients/customers. We’re also hiring a new generation of employees to help carry on DxR’s tradition of thoughtfully designed software, a client-focused development process, and excellent customer service.

Our Team

Robert Evans – President & CEO

Robert Evans, President & CEO, brings a combined background of music, education, and computer science.  He began his career at DxR in 1999 as a technical support specialist, and advanced his way as software engineer, system administrator, and VP of Product Development.  In 2022, Robert was appointed President & CEO by the Board of Directors.   His background in music, performing, education, and software engineering provides a diverse and creative perspective for the future of DxR.

Eldon Benz – Founder/Secretary/Treasurer

Eldon Benz, software engineer and co-founder of DxR Development, brings an artist’s sensibilities to software design and development. He created the software framework underpinning DxR’s flagship product, DxR Clinician, as well as its derivatives. He was the principal programmer on the Interactive Atlas of Human Anatomy and educational software programs on space and science developed for the Challenger Learning Center. He continues to develop applications for healthcare education. An accomplished artist, sculptor, and photographer with a BFA in Sculpture, Benz is active in the southern Illinois arts community. He and his wife Jo, along with their dogs, live in a home he designed and built himself.  Although he officially retired in 2022, Eldon continues to serve as consultant, software engineer, and Secretary/Treasurer of the Board of Direcetors.