VirtualChiro Clinician

Developing students’ problem-solving skills through virtual patient case studies with problems common to modern chiropractic practice

VirtualChiro Clinician is Web-based virtual patient case study software developed in partnership with chiropractic educators, incorporating best practices in chiropractic education.

VirtualChiro Clinician

With tools and lab tests within the scope of practice for chiropractic professionals, VirtualChiro Clinician challenges students to work through a patient problem to make decisions on the appropriate chiropractic treatment plan, or referral for treatment by other healthcare professionals.

With VirtualChiro Clinician cases, students practice the critical-thinking skills required in chiropractic practice.

  • Assess: Conduct a patient interview and a ‘virtual’ physical exam, including anthropometric evaluation, orthopedic testing, ranges of motion with end-feel assessments and muscle testing.
  • Investigate: Request diagnostic studies, including imaging and electrodiagnostic studies, to help students further their work-up.
  • Diagnose and Treat: Use the virtual patient data and test results to develop a problem list, create a patient-centered chiropractic treatment plan that may include chiropractic adjustments, soft tissue therapies, home modifications, prescriptions for the use of supports and pillows; refer patients to other healthcare professionals as needed.
  • Valuable Feedback: Each student decision is recorded for evaluation. Students can learn from immediate feedback at the end of the case; faculty can follow up with an in-depth review of the student’s problem-solving pathway and demonstrated diagnostic skill.

VirtualChiro Clinician management and scoring tools put faculty in charge of their assignments.

  • Easily install and set delivery preferences for the pre-authored cases to assign to students.
  • Deliver the cases to students as-is OR edit the patient data and customize the scoring criteria to suit your curriculum.
  • Evaluate the record of students’ decisions and provide feedback based on demonstrated problem-solving skills, specific educational goals,and performance standards.
  • Track group performance and offer additional teaching on concepts for which students need additional instruction.

The Authoring tool also allows instructors to create their own original cases and then deliver them to their students.

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