VirtualPT Clinician

Delivering proven, problem-based learning, virtual patient experiences to physical therapy students… wherever they choose to learn

VirtualPT Clinician software mirrors the clinical reasoning process used by professional physical therapists to teach, learn, and evaluate key critical-thinking skills.

VirtualPT Clinician

Valuable student practice

Challenge your students to apply the knowledge they gain in the classroom as they assess and diagnose a ‘virtual’ patient’s problems, establish goals, and develop a management plan. VirtualPT Clinician provides an easy-to-use framework to:

  • Collect patient history information from extensive bank of patient interview questions;
  • Conduct ‘virtual’ physical exam procedures, including specialized measures used in physical therapy practice; View videos of patient movement and listen to real heart and lung sounds to make clinically significant observations;
  • Form a problem list and a list of associated working hypotheses based on patient data;
  • Order diagnostic tests to support clinical decision-making;
  • Develop a list of final diagnoses;
  • Establish patient goals and develop a list of interventions; and
  • Review immediate feedback on their performance.

Student decisions are recorded for evaluation, providing physical therapy instructors valuable insight into the student’s reasoning skills.

Flexible Faculty Tools

VirtualPT Clinician equips faculty with the complete package — professionally edited virtual patient cases delivered through a robust, flexible software framework that tracks student decisions. The result: data for a comprehensive evaluation of student performance and a clearer picture of students’ ability to apply knowledge to clinical problems.

  • Faculty can use the cases as-written by the case author, or can modify them to meet specific teaching goals and the educational levels of the students.
    • Simple set-up: Easily select and install cases and customize case delivery;
    • Intuitive editing tools: Change patient responses to questions, results of exams, and diagnostic test findings; and
    • Customize scoring: Adjust the evaluation criteria to suit nearly all PT educational levels.
  • The Record Utility allows instructors to evaluate, score, and report student performance.
    • Faculty gain insight into individual students’ problem-solving process as they worked through the case study.
    • Instructors can evaluate students’ prognoses and review how students associated interventions and functional goals with patient problems.
    • Group scoring data reveal areas in which your group needs additional instruction and practice.

Choose from our catalog of full-featured, professionally edited virtual patient cases, based on real patient data.

The VirtualPT Case Authoring tool allows instructors to create a new patient case, with your own evaluation criteria, and then post the case for students to use immediately!

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