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The wait is over… you asked, we listened… DxR is proud to announce the launch of DxR Academy! DxR Academy is our new line of learner-focused products to help students prepare for entry into medical and nursing professions. Here you will find hands-on learning modules that have been tailored to prepare students for medical and nursing school as well as Physicians Assistant (“PA”) and Nurse Practitioner (“NP”). These are also great tools for high school students looking to do additional STEM research in the areas of health science.

Over the next 5 weeks we will be adding 10 learning modules focused on the basic principles of Clinical Reasoning and doctoring which will comprise our introductory Introduction to Health Sciences course. These modules utilize a hands-on approach to teach you how to use critical thinking skills to identify and diagnose the causes of 5 different chief complaints presented in REAL patient scenarios!

Each module is expected to take between 2 to 4 hours to complete. Course modules may be purchased individually or in 2-module bundles. Each module includes a test portion to verify competency has been achieved. You will be required to repeat the module until a minimum 80% passing score is achieved. A downloadable PDF certificate of completion will be provided at the end of each module once the passing score has been achieved.

Eligibility & Requirements

To enroll in the program, participants should meet the following criteria:


• Open to high school students in grades 11 and 12.

• Students in grades 10 and 9 must receive approval from their biology teacher or school counselor.


• Successful completion of Health or Biology with a minimum grade of B+.

• Commitment to finishing the entire modules.

• Access to a computer or device with internet connectivity for online modules.

About DxR Academy

Established in 1992 by Professor Hurley Myers, Dr. Kevin Dorsey, and software engineer Eldon Benz of Southern Illinois University Medical School, DxR Development Group, Inc. has a profound history in medical education software. Rooted in this legacy, the company has expanded its reach to develop applications for pharmaceutical companies, non-profit organizations, and various healthcare entities. 

DxR Academy, an initiative of DxR Development Group, is passionately committed to inspiring high school students in the Health Sciences. Our program aims to inspire and equip the next generation of healthcare professionals with essential knowledge and practical skills.


This program is designed for educational purposes only. Successful completion does not confer professional status but provides valuable insights into the diverse field of Health Sciences.

Ready to get started?

Excellent! Please review and choose from our course list below.


Course Catalog

Introduction to Health Sciences

Author: Cris Anderson, M.D., Assistant Professor, Retired

Prior to retirement, Dr. Anderson worked as an Assistant Professor in Doctoring at Southern Illinois University Carbondale.  While working for Southern Illinois University, Dr. Anderson had the opportunity to teach the concepts of doctoring to first-year medical students. Dr. Anderson has taken her clinical experience and her years of experience with first-year students to build a course to help prepare them for enrollment in the various medical fields. This course will give students interested in pre-med a real head start for their first year of college.


Module 1: Introduction to Clinical Reasoning

This module is a prerequisite for all modules in this course. It walks the learner through critical thinking concepts (aka “Clinical Reasoning”) used by clinicians in diagnosing patients. In this course you will learn about semantic vs. episodic knowledge, signs, countersigns, and nonsigns, as well as how to deal with uncertainty when making a diagnosis.

Module 2: Introduction to Headache

Use the skills learned in module 1 to identify primary vs. secondary headache, and some of the types of primary headache. Learn how to identify the attributes of tension vs. migraine vs. cluster headache. At the end of this module you will get to test your skills with three real case scenarios.

Module 3: Introduction to Abdominal Pain, Part 1
Coming January 22, 2024

Abdominal pain is a fairly frequent occurrence in clinical practice. Most patients have self-limited pain; however, the clinician must be sure to rule out more serious causes that might need an urgent intervention. Learn how to begin to examine the patient who presents with abdominal pain. At the end of this module you will be familiar with the locations of abdominal organs, and be able to locate them using landmarks of the body. You will also learn the importance of whether pain is localized, non-localized, or referred from some other location. location. You will use this information when you complete Module 4: Introduction to Abdominal Pain, Part 2 – Clinical Definitions and Patient Cases.

Module 4: Introduction to Abdominal Pain, Part 2 – Clinical Definitions and Patient Cases
Coming January 22, 2024

In this module you will learn clinical definitions of three distinct causes of abdominal pain that build on the information presented in Part 1. You will read three patient cases and determine whether specific signs and symptoms are signs, countersigns, or non-signs.

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