Are medical students making the right choices for the right reasons?

“The Findings/Hypothesis correlation part really helps when they [students] select a particular differential item. Then they chose the items from their key findings, and only the items that support that diagnosis or contradict that diagnosis, so the key findings list as a whole, each item on that list should be a key finding for at […]

Nursing Education in the Time of COVID-19

Nursing faculty worldwide are dealing with new challenges as they educate a new generation of nurses in the midst of a pandemic. While conditions differ with locale, one theme is common: we must reconsider the role of simulation in nursing education. DxR Development Group Project Manager Beth Hart recently interviewed Dr. Janet Wong of Hong […]

Virtual Patient Cases: Improving Physical Therapy Education

Physical therapy faculty have faced unprecedented challenges in 2020. The COVID-19 pandemic, campus closures, and the move to virtual instruction have forced some creative solutions.DxR Project Manager Jeanne Ferraro and Communications Director Beth Hart recently spoke with Dr. Karen Huhn, the guiding academic force behind VirtualPT Clinician. Dr. Huhn discussed teaching physical therapy in the […]

Patient Simulation in Healthcare Education: Mapping Student’s Clinical Competence with the CCX Exam

How do medical schools assess their students’ clinical competence prior to high stakes board exams? How can medical school faculty prepare students to solve new clinical puzzles? And how do they do so safely? In this case study, we examine how the Southern Illinois University School of Medicine approaches this challenges, starting in the first […]

The Saba Saga: The Science of Valuing Nursing Care

In 2019, DxR Development Group incorporated the Clinical Care Classification nursing taxonomy as an option into its nursing education software, DxR Nursing SELECT. We were privileged to meet the originator of this system, Dr. Virginia Saba at a gathering of CCC users. As part of Nurses Week and International Nurses’ Day, we interviewed her about […]

In Celebration of Nurses

In celebration of Nurses’ Week, DxR Development is profiling nurses who exemplify the qualities that make nurses among the most trusted professionals in society. In times like these, we need their wisdom and insight. “Never stop learning.” It’s a foundational statement for Sue Erlewine’s professional nursing career, her focus as a nursing instructor, and her […]

In Honor of Nurses on Nurses’ Day

I am not a nurse, but I love working with nurses. I deal with nurses nearly every day in creating software used in training nursing students. After 20 years of learning from nurses and nursing educators, I’ve come to appreciate their qualities and their contributions to healthcare. So on National Nurses’ Day, here’s my 5-point […]

DxR Meets Educational Need During COVID-19 Campus Closures

When the COVID-19 pandemic forced closure of college campuses across the globe, healthcare education faculty needed to adapt quickly to online course delivery. One solution: heavier usage of online resources, including ‘virtual patient’ case study software like that developed and marketed by DxR Development Group. “When campuses are off-limits to faculty, staff, and students, schools […]