Online Testing/Training Software

DxR CORE: Courseware and test delivery tools for a moving world

In our ‘learn everywhere, grow anywhere’ world, training and certification testing are no longer trapped in a 9-to-5 classroom or office setting. DxR CORE is the perfect vehicle for delivering online employee training, high-stakes certification exams, and practice tests wherever it needs to go. DxR CORE is the backbone of our most widely used internal products as well as products developed for external clients.

DxR CORE powers development of online courseware and testing, with key client features:

  • BYOC (Bring your own content): We transform your content into online courses, practice tests, or high-stakes exams.
  • Make it interactive: CORE supports delivery of media-rich training and testing assets with pictures, movies, animations, and audio.
  • Automate access to your courses or tests with secure online registration.
  • Brand and Monetize Your Content: DxR CORE delivers custom-branded courses and exams featuring your logo and interface colors. The DxR CORE registration tool integrates with secure online payment tools (such as Authorize.NET and EPX) so you can capitalize on your work.
  • Manage Delivery: Deliver courses anywhere, anytime, OR opt for secure exam delivery using Respondus Lockdown Browser.
  • LTI Compatibility: Need to link your course or test results to your institution’s learning management system? No worries! DxR CORE-delivered content works seamlessly with any LTI-compatible LMS, for single sign-in access.
  • Watch the numbers: Review survey results, engagement trends, or test results using built-in statistics-driven reporting tools.


DxR CORE is the infrastructure for delivering both the Direct Support Person training course and the computer-based Illinois Nurse Aide Competency Exam

“It is a pleasure to work with DxR. Their talented, responsive team members have met every one of our requests. Additionally, they are abreast of changing hardware and software capabilities and have made recommendations which we have adopted, saving us time and money. Thank you DxR!”

Thomas Hovatter, PhD, Project Coordinator for Illinois Nurse Aide Testing, Southern Illinois University-Carbondale

Case Study

Northwell Health

Northwell Health relies on DxR Development Group to design, deliver, and support it’s popular Infection Control Training Course. Working with text content provided by the New York State Education Department and Northwell’s expert healthcare team, DxR’s team transformed a printed training manual into an interactive online training course, with professional narration, high-quality graphics, a quiz, and a certificate-delivery component.

“As the organization grew from a 1 hospital location to a 23-hospital health system with 68-thousand employees along the east coast, it was imperative that the program become accessible online so that staff who needed to complete the mandated training could do so as their time permitted. And DxR worked closely with Northwell Health to incorporate interactive and engaging case scenarios so that learners could apply the information to the cases.”

Flexibility and Responsiveness​

Healthcare is always evolving, so the flexibility to update training content regularly is key.

“Since this is a New York State Education Department mandated training for certain licensed health professionals, required content updates would be distributed to approved training providers, with the expectation that the new content be included as quickly as possible. One such update on Sepsis was conveyed to providers in the last week of June 2018, with the requirement that the new content be incorporated by July 1, 2018. For online courses, this can be an almost insurmountable task. But when Northwell Health notified DxR of the challenge, they quickly responded, prepared a template for the new content to be included, integrated it into the existing program, and the update was in place by June 30, 2018! This is but one example of the kind of customer service you can expect from DxR!”

Over the 20+ years of the Northwell Health/DxR relationship, thousands of healthcare workers throughout the northeast region and beyond have completed the online training course to meet their continuing education requirements. DxR’s registration tool makes the process simple and direct.

“DxR created an automatic reminder system that intuitively notifies learners when their current certificate is set to expire and remind them to register for a new course. They also worked with Northwell Health to add additional Maintenance of Certification options to the program that enables learners to gain the added value of MOC credit, in addition to course completion and CME.”


Northwell trusts DxR Development Group to efficiently and expertly incorporate new features as training needs change, and to provide outstanding customer and client support.

“Their commitment to providing high-quality programming and responsive, reliable and expert customer support are reasons why Northwell Health views DxR as a vital resource and an important business partner.”

Mary B. Strong, MA, Assistant Vice President, Continuing Medical Education, Northwell Health

Donna Armellino, RN, DNP, CIC,Vice President, Infection Prevention, Northwell Health